Sort My Photos! Day Planner Areka Sakura Statistical analysis for marketing investigations LinkedIn Connector Twitter follow/unfollow app Nissan cars maintenance system Bulk email sender

Sort My Photos!

This Windows 8.1 app can search for similar photos or for full doubles, sort photos in time order, put them in folders by days, get metadata (EXIF) and rotate images.

Day Planner

This app is like very helpful in time management. Day Planner has Gantt diagram for projects and a lot of reports for efficiantly analysis


AREKA is a CRM/ERP system which oriented on tasks of print shops. The system provides a multiuser separate access of data. Each one user plays a special role in general business process and app provides tools wich provide high efficiency of his work.


Automated system for translation bureau CRM/ERP which provides multiuser interface, order’s life cycle control and powerful system of reports

Statistical analysis for marketing investigations

Data mining system for analysis of sales data. The system carries on analysis using probability density function and builds portrait of the most likely customers for some services.

LinkedIn Connector

LinkedIn Connector app adds people to your connection using search in ‘People you may know’ page using keywords.

Twitter follow/unfollow app

App search in Twitter people which you interested and bulk follow them. Also app can bulk unfollow people

Nissan cars maintenance system

App helps to estimate quotation by repair and maintenance operations. App connectet to website database, users of website can online get estimation of cost of car maintenantce

Bulk email sender

This tool helps to carry on bulk notification using templates of message title and body. No spam just automation of email process!

Solutions for business

Software for business. CRM and ERP systems

We have large experience in development of software for business. Our CRM and ERP systems will help you to save your time and money, increase efficiency of efforts and make your work more comfortable.

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Web data scraping. Data mining

Web data scraping. Scrapers and bots

In present days information costs much more than gold. We can help you to find, collect and process data from different sources. We’ve developed already over 50 different scrapers and bots.

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Digital signal processing algorithms

Digital signal processing algorithms

We also provide digital signal processing algorithms of images, video and sounds. We use modern approaches in digital signal processing and have own interesting solutions.

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15+ years in software development
100+ different completed projects
$20 hour rate

Who we are?

We are team of software developers with large experience in software development. We have completed more than 100 projects for business, graphics, web, 3D visualization, web data scraping, scrapers and bots development, data processing and other areas.

On this website you can review our completed cases, read our posts about software development and hire us via or

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Each problem can be solved using different technologies. We try to offer solutions with optimal cost and maximal efficiency.


Methodologies of software engineering


Relational database management systems



Software development technologies and languages

Software outsourcing for .NET framework.Net C#Entity FrameworkC++Objective-COpen GLOpen GL ESDirect X


Web applications engineering technologies and languages

Web applications development using PHPWeb applications development using .NET ASPWeb applications development using JavaScriptWeb applications development using AJAXWeb applications development using Flash

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