Areka CRM/ERP system

Areka CRM/ERP system

Areka is a CRM/ERP (Customer Relationship Management / Enterprise Resource Planning) software for print shops. App controls workflow by orders, print documents using templates and has reports system. This software has database in cloud and it gives access to data from any point where user is. App has provides multiuser separate access of data. Each one user plays a special role in general business process and application provides tools for efficiently of his work.

When your busines become large and you can’t remember everything and store your records on papers, you need a solution which can tell you what is going on with yours orders and yours employees. Also if your office is in one place and production is in another place, it is very difficult to controll workflow process by phone. You need informations environment which can controll business from any place via Internet. Solutions of all these problems is Areka software.

This software helps to automate workflow by order. At first order registered in software and on other steps it sends from one employee to another according they roles in work process. Software highlight orders in list which is critical by deadline and not payed. Software reports help to control business efficiently.


Here is a list of features of Areka:

  • multiuser interface,
  • data base access via Internet (it makes able to use application from any place and any device),
  • managing and control of work by order,
  • tuning of order’s life cycles,
  • system of reports,
  • controll of employee loading,
  • controll of deadlines of orders,
  • controll of store,
  • printing of documents (invoices, orders and etc.),
  • online update.

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