Bulk email sender

Bulk email sender

Software helps to make notifications to clients using list of recipients and using HTML templates of messages. Software connects to Microsoft Outlook and operates them, it is a bot which send emails.


When you have a lot of clients and sometimes you need to deliver some information to them. But you have no enough time to write and send email to each one client. The solution is an software which can prepare and send emails using template.

Software was developed as a bot which connects to Microsoft Outlook, prepares text and title of message using own template’s micro language. In templates uses recipient name, email, organization and other info. Templates are in HTML it gives ability to use images and links in messages.

This tool was developed on C# .Net with direct connection to SMTP mail server and submission of emails using data from MS Excel file. App uses HTML templates for emails which allow to create bright and creative emails with images and links. As this software uses SMTP server, this software could not be used to send SPAM. Number of messages is limited on email server.

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