Day Planner

Day Planner

Day Planner is a one of the last ours projects. This software uses in our work and seems like very helpful in time management. Day Planner 2.0 includes a component of Gantt diagram developed by our team special for Day Planner.


When you work on several small projects everyone of them has own priority and deadline, it is very difficult to solve what task on what time you should do. We’ve developed Day Planner as solution of this problem. Software has own algorithm which calculates order of task on day using priority of project value and time to deadline. Using of this software decrease risks of failing projects.

The software provides a list of different reports to control efficiency of using a time. Main function of Day Planner listed below:

  • manage a list of projects,
  • manage a list of employees,
  • create and control tasks,
  • stays in tray and shows information messages about task must be start and finish,
  • has a number of helpful reports.

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