Medical diagnostics system. Welcome Diagnostics

Medical diagnostics system. Welcome Diagnostics

This system was built for medical purposes to control and manage workouts process in fitness center. Software stores client’s cards in database, have over 20 diagnostics tests which build conclusions using biomedical parameters. System can aggregate history of diagnostics and build charts which shows changes in client’s health. Also this software builds programs of exercises for clients using data about his health and purposes (grow thin or increase mass etc.).


The customer wanted stable distributed system, which could be used in several fitness clubs independently. Software must to use database in cloud, process and analyze medical data and build conclusions in automation mode.

This medical diagnostic system was built using .Net C# WindowsForms and MS SQL database. Development took around 3 monthes but results reached the goal. Software has own protection system uses key-files. Images below allow to make imagine of working of all system.

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