Nissan cars maintenance system

Nissan cars maintenance system

This software is a part of large system and uses for comfortable work with data on website by Nissan cars maintenance and repair.



Our old customer and friend asked us to solve following task. Here is a website there users can estimate the cost of repair and maintenance of their cars. Also website helps online registration on car service. Maintenance operation depends on mileage and car modification and cost sometimes is differs too much. Website needs tool which can perform bulk operations in database for make possible accurate estimation of maintenance and repair for each car and each mileage. Web inteface is none comfortable for this operations and has no controls like in Windows app.

So we helped our client and developed software which connects to website database (using MySQL Connector library) and perform all bulk operations. Software can combine operations including work quotations and parts and link this operations to cars maintenance according model, modifications and mileage.

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