Quota workup estimation system

Quota workup estimation system

Application was developed for manufactures printed circuit board. This Windows desktop software helps to estimate cost of production printed circuit board using cost of work and parts.
This software system uses several smart data scrapers which collects actual prices and abilities of parts on websites of manufacturers. Also system automatically choose the best supplier for each parts by price and package.

The quota workup estimation system performs following steps:

  • 1. Creation of new project or loading of saved project
  • 2. Import of specifications (BOM), which store names of parts and them quantity
  • 3. Distribution of parts by types. Each type of parts has own mount time and cost of mount
  • 4. Getting of parts costs and selection of the best suppliers for each part. In choosing supplier make sense package of parts, prices are differs from number of parts in package. App uses information of number of parts what we need, package size, prices and also search for replacements of parts. This is the most smart part of system.
  • 5. Final calculations and estimations of time and cost for current specification.

Using of this system allowed to my customer decrease number of mistakes in calculations and save many time which he spend on such estimations before.
Definitely this is one of the best tools which I’ve ever developed!

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