Sapphire Root OpsMgt software – ERP system

Sapphire Root OpsMgt software - ERP system

This ERP system was developed as Windows desktop application using SQLite database. Application provide assistance in business. This system has following features:
– budget calculations,
– block cutter calculator (for soap cutting),
– quality control tool,
– defect improvement tool,
– decision tables tool (multifactorial analysis of solutions),
– factor rating tool,
– center of gravity tool,
– operation layout tool (for analyse production life cycle),
– forecasting tools,
– quantity discount model tool,
– price analysis tools,
– tool for exploration of production quantity model,
– tool for exploration of economic quantity model,
– cost-volume analysis tool,
– breakeven analysis tool,
– markup and margin analysis tool.

Each tool has charts and data export.

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Sapphire Root OpsMgt software – ERP system

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