Sort My Photos!

Sort My Photos!

Sort yours photos! This app for Windows 8.1 can search for similar photos or for full doubles, sort photos in time order, put them in folders by days, get metadata (EXIF) and rotate images.

Sort My Photos can process several folders with source photos, find similar and double photos, sort photos in required order, rotate and copy in folders by dates when the photo was made.

Sort My Photos gives you next features:

  • searching for similar photos,
  • searching for full doubles of photos (images can be in different formats),
  • rotation of images,
  • comfortable preview,
  • sort photos in time order,
  • put photos in folders by days,
  • get images metadata (EXIF).


Soft My Photos! is available in Windows Store, you can download it here

Click on image to view it on full size

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