Yellow Pages scraper

Yellow Pages scraper

Yellow Pages scraper is software which can collect some data from Yellow Pages using multithreading access with connections thru proxy servers. App can search and check proxies by own functionality. Multithreading makes software possible do its job very fast.


One of our customers needs in data collection from Yellow Pages. Using ordinary scrapers do not reach success.

In this case solution is based on using multithreading what make all operations more faster. Also in app use several sources of proxy servers to make this app unlockable. Also working with proxy servers have some features which can hang up software at any moment. We use system of timers in separated threads and solve this problem. And as result we have very smart and powerful scraper tool.

App can perform following actions:

  • app saves it status each minute,
  • app saves results after processing each page,
  • work of app can be restored from any point,
  • user can set up points and statuses. It makes possible to reread some categories/cities/pages. It also makes posible lock some categories/cities for scanning,
  • app is very smart it controls workflow by itself. Using of proxies and data collector displays on right panel. It also reads list of proxies when available proxies list is empty.

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